Creating brand awareness is one of the key steps in promoting a product. The likelihood that consumers or clients will recognize your existence online is limited without proper brand development. Brand awareness is an important way of promoting commodity-related products. This is because for these products, there are very few factors that differentiate one product from its competitors. Therefore, the product that maintains the highest brand awareness compared to its competitors will usually get the most sales.

For example, in the soft drink industry, very little separates a generic soda from a brand-name soda, in terms of taste. However, consumers are very aware of the brands Pepsi and Coca Cola, in terms of their images and names. This higher rate of brand awareness equates to higher sales and also serves to put your name, company, or business in position for gaining the market share.

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● 100% of brand and agency marketers surveyed utilize content marketing in their overall marketing strategies. At 87% of   respondents, video is the most common form of content created.

● Social media is the most popular channel marketers use for driving traffic to content with 96% of respondents currently utilizing. Usage is up from 88% in 2011.

● Marketers employ content marketing efforts to drive brand awareness and target top of purchase funnel consumers rather than for generating direct leads or sales. Social media engagement is the most popular indicator marketers consider when measuring the success of content marketing efforts (89%), followed by views or content downloads (76%).

● Social media, video advertising and content marketing are viewed as the most effective tactics used for brand awareness, consideration and affinity.

● 82% of brand and agency marketers expect to increase content marketing efforts in 2012

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